Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dressed As Girl

I should be writing my essay regarding "reading against the text" as proposed by Sue-Ellen Case in regards to Greek theatre and taking a feminist viewpoint in light of an art form dominated by men at that point in its history. Instead, I am writing this blog post. I have the essay outlined, sort of, so it should only take me a few hours at the current pace I'm at. Which is terribly, terribly slow. (Post title comes from the title of my essay. I'm sort of trying to focus, see?)

Studio today went surprisingly well. It's rare that I walk out feeling almost entirely content and relatively good about myself, often there is some lingering sense of grrr or blehhh that is in the driver's seat, but today I was smiling. For a technical Monday in this week of mine, that's quite an achievement.

I survived my second dance midterm, a painfully white-girl rendition of a contemporary dance piece, and actually kind of had fun; Sutton really liked my piece in Song Performance class today, and getting compliments from Sutton Foster kind of does a little something something for your ego; and my Meisner repetitions exercise in acting class was a explosion of emotional drama, with commendations from my teacher on the power of my work. Not too shabby for a day I was dreading.

Music I am currently working on:
Where or When
by Rodgers and Hart
I'll Know from Guys and Dolls
Racing With The Clock from Pajama Game
Lost in the Stars from Lost In The Stars
And, just for fun, No One But You by the one and only Queen.

Now I'm going to return to being some imitation of a studious NYU student and hopefully crank out a paper worthy of a decent grade. Muah!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Populism! YEA YEA

AA Orchestra, Seat 106, Lottery Tickets for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson? Best twenty dollars I have ever spent.

This musical is the next big thing. Irreverent. Brilliant. Hysterical. Spectacle. Relevant. So non-PC there isn't a proper adjective for it. Incredible.

History just got all sexypants.