Monday, June 15, 2009

And Number 23, upstage.

Geez, it's been a while since I auditioned for a musical, and now I'm all squirmy inside for lack of experience. I don't mentally feel nervous, but man, my guts are reacting quite strongly, as they always do. It's frustrating, feeling the bottom of my stomach dropping out as my intestines twist and knot and try to pull my larynx down with them. It's frustrating because I know that as soon as I walk into the room with my music I'll feel just fine. It's all the time leading up to the five minutes I have to show my stuff that kills me.

There has got to be a cure for this stupid pre-audition nerve thing.

My own personal pre-audition routine includes eating several hours before the actual audition and then not again until afterwards. I can't eat before an audition - I just can't do it. I ate lunch earlier, but even that was tough. I don't like the feeling of anything weighing me down when I'm in there. I'm having some water right now and suddenly fighting the urge to nap. I can't figure out what my body's trying to do to prepare. Jeez.

And I know I'll be fine! What the crap, people. If I ever figure out a way to make auditioning easier, I will most assuredly inform you. I think there's a link in the Starry Eyed Idiot bar on the side of the blog about auditioning.

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