Saturday, February 6, 2010

Messages from my Ceiling

No, this still isn't KCACTF or Circle, for that matter, but it seemed an appropriate thing to make a note of.

At the beginning of last semester I began to put little notecards with sayings that I liked or would inspire me on the ceiling above my bed. I intend to keep them and add to this collection of motivation to wake up and look at, since they're comforting and can make me smile at whatever ungodly hour I'm waking up at.

So far they read:

"Fight the good fight."
"Never let the bastards get you down." (a quote from my mother)
"The Greater The Obstacle, The Greater The Glory In Overcoming It." - Moliere
"All artists are joyseekers."
"Say what you mean, mean what you say, or shut up." - Langdon's First Law
And FEAR, SHAME, and IGNORANCE with an X through them.

The last three came from my first lesson at Circle, and I'll elaborate on them later. For now I'm off to do some more work for Bat Boy. The music is incredibly intense and I have taken it upon myself to whip the alto section into shape, because I am determined to spread my work ethic, or at least force it upon other people, if necessary.

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