Friday, February 27, 2009

In Sickness and in Health

My voice lessons have been put on hold until I can shake the allergies/cold/hacking cough/complete nasal blockage that are screwing with any ability to produce sound or resonate. I would try to work through it, but I don't know how and I'm afraid I would only make it worse and hurt my voice by trying to sing through it. So, in the meantime, I'm eating Ricola and vitamin C drops like candy and drinking Theraflu like (insert what you will). Ricola Elderberry. Do it.

This isn't about theatrical singing, but I think the principles are the same, nonetheless.

As I read, I realize that I'm screwed for this season and simply have to suck it up and prepare for next season. Prevention is key, so I'm told, and, alas, I have yet to discover why I get delightfully sick every six months on the nose. Could be my mold-filled dorm ("repulsive," as V said so elegantly), could be anxiety, could be anything. Citrus, water, rest and a healthy outlook on life for the coming year to start whipping this body into shape to make it do what I want, when I want.
That website seems to be the go-to place for information about performing and sickness, and I must say it's very well written. I wish I'd read it thoroughly prior to getting this cold, but if wishes were fishes, you know?

This one addresses more than just a cold, so I'll add it to the list for future reference.

I've begun doing yoga on a very regular basis now, and my very out of shape body is quite aware of this and isn't too happy about it yet. But the more limber I am and the more I work out, the easier it will be over time, and once the weather starts being a little more cooperative I can get right back to being healthy and start training my body the way it needs to be trained. Despite being a coughing machine right now and having a few very sore muscles in places I forgot actually had muscles, I'm feeling good about starting this routine. Again, I know it's a little after the fact what with this being the second time I'm sick this year, but better now than later.
Going to NYC tomorrow to see Phantom. About time.
Congrats to V. :)

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