Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays

Merry Belated Christmas, Happy Early New Year.

Decided I'd make a list of all the theatrical things I have gotten myself into that are immediately pressing in my life.

  • ACTF (scenes and monologue)
  • Bat Boy (off book by Jan. 25th)
  • New headshots needed (I'd like to get those done while my hair is still pretty)
  • Resume editing down
  • NETC auditions (?)
  • Straw Hat auditions (?)

This is my winter break. I do want to do this for my life, so it's really quite thrilling to be so immersed right now.

I've added a new box on the right of the blog, links to audition websites in case anyone is interested. So far it's just the NETCs and Straw Hats, but I'm still looking so I should find a few more soon.

Classes have obviously finished until next semester, and, like I said, I should have plenty of stories regarding Circle in the Square and my New York adventures. Circle is going to be so incredible, I really can't express how excited I am for it. A few anecdotes from Circle alumnus I know:

"He took the lighter and put it under her skirt and told her to do the scene again. It was so fucked up, but it fucking worked."

"He wasn't getting the feeling he wanted, so he kept digging at him, saying stuff to piss this kid off, just to enrage him more and more and finally he handed the kid a knife, held out his arm and said 'cut me.' And you know what? He would have let this kid cut him. If it would have gotten the feeling and emotion the way he wanted, he would have let this kid cut him really bad."

I can't wait.

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