Monday, May 16, 2011

Rag Doll

So, in order to keep my gloriously toned figure in photoshoot condition,* I have decided to try and make a routine for myself for this summer, since I will not have the luxury of three dance classes a week while school is out of session.

I'm not comfortable enough with my skills (or budget) to go pick up an outside class yet, so for now it will be working on the technical things I'm not so good at with the hopes of being able to pick up where we left off and continue improving.

I began tonight, and discovered something that works super well; AEROSMITH. Nothing like doing the plie footwork, flex/point work, some stretching, and then Byron's super crazy ab workout with Steven Tyler wailing in the background, pushing me to be as BADASS as he is. Try doing a plank series by alternating between normal plank for a verse, then side plank with leg balance for a verse, for the entirety of Jaded. Hurt like a bitch (since I've been resting for a week) but was totally awesome. I finished my 40 minute session with some cool down yoga after working on my split stretch, and then danced around my room like a maniac singing into my brush/microphone to Dude Looks Like A Lady. Cliche? Maybe. Awesome? You freaking bet.

I think tomorrow I'll do some ballet barre work to Rag Doll (that video is worth watching just for "my pants are so tight, I'll hit all the high notes tonight!").

Start 13th Street tomorrow - I'm excited but nervous. I have no idea what I'm walking into, but I hope it's good, since I'm there all summer. I want it to be great, I'd love to do something amazing this summer.

* "gloriously toned" may be an exaggeration, as may be "photoshoot condition." A more accurate phrasing to consider is "mostly fit" and "not repulsive to look at," but you, the reader, may decide which to read.

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