Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday, Rehearsal 1

First rehearsal with my ACTF coach and scene partner. It was refreshing to be able to get back into working one on one with another living person - there's only so many times you can run lines before you know your cues and you can't make progress on your own anymore.

We were both off book, which was a great start, though DMD (my partner) is a little shaky on her Shakespeare because she's not used to it, but she's going to be an excellent Emilia (Othello) and I'm sure once she gets comfortable with the language it'll be spot on. Our timing for that scene is also pretty good, since we have 3 minutes to do it and we ran it in about 2:20 when we timed it.

The other scene, from The Baby Dance, had felt kind of bland to me. I'd done Desdemona's character work for a month back in the fall for the actual production, so all of her nuances and lines were well known to me, but Wanda from this play was a stranger and it was hard to understand the character at first. But as soon as DMD and I sat down and started running it, the dynamic between them was sharp and excellent. I have much more faith in that scene now that I've worked it a little bit.

My work for the weekend will include my monologue, priority number one, and then to really find the living of the characters within the acting.

My sickness is still a bit of a problem, since my vocal support is lacking and my voice and my whole being tires out very easily. It's hard to maintain that energy that I want and is required onstage, especially when I'm not feeling 100%. Hopefully I'm getting better quickly and can fight it out.

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