Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Vacation Lacks the Vacation

The most difficult part about this process, I have discovered, is plain motivation. I am entirely capable of getting everything done that needs to get done. I'm off book for The Baby Dance and Othello already, and I'm just about halfway done with my Spinning Into Butter monologue. I could have easily finished that monologue today, but I couldn't bring myself to. I don't know how to combat the overwhelming urge to wander off or take a nap or do anything but what is required. When curled up on the most cozy couch in creation, it's hard to deny yourself a good long nap.

And it's just being able to focus that gets difficult, with so many other things going on in my life. Personal issues, familial things, necessary cleaning, working out schedules and rehearsal times and placement exams (yup, new item on my to-do list), it's just this constant barrage of things that just have to be dealt with. But that's not what this blog is about, so I'll spare you the details.

It's a work in progress, organizing everything important. I'm managing fairly well, but I am running out of time. Next Thursday is when my week of rehearsals for ACTF begins, so I'll have to be entirely off book and done with text analysis as well. I need to send in my Straw Hat application, now that my headshot has been taken and my prints came in, thank you to Karen of Happenstance Portraits and Photography, (she's in the process of redoing her website and name and such). Once my application is in, I have to cross my fingers for an audition slot and then get working on audition material.

I've also begun to try and piece together something I should have started long ago, a collection of monologues I have worked on, known as a Monologue Morgue. While I was cleaning today (I hoard paper. I'm some kind of paper monger) I rediscovered some marked up monologues and threw them in a binder, and hopefully, when I get a minute, I'll start putting them all together in an organized fashion and go find stuff I've already done and start a real Morgue to have as a resource to take with me.

I will also need to drill Bat Boy into my head once I'm solid with the ACTF work. Straw Hat material will have to be worked on simultaneously.

I'm looking into exercises to relax the jaw muscles. I've recently discovered I clench my jaw and it explains the stiffness and inflexibility and inability to relax the zygomaticus muscles (thank you senior year anatomy), which is a real problem for someone who wants to make a life out of utilizing the function of her voice and face. Hopefully I'll have some information to share, if I get a chance to look it up and go through my Stage Speaking notes. I need to release the tension there. It's incredibly painful and very annoying.

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