Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Turns out azithromycin was not the antibiotic I needed. I've spent the last four days waiting for the magical healing power of prescription medication to kick in, to no avail.

Went back to the clinic today, after I finally figured out this wasn't going to work no matter how much faith I put into it. They gave me a new antibiotic to treat tonsilitis instead of strep. Since, you know, I don't have strep. I have tonsilitis.

But this new pill is huge, bright blue, and I have to take it four times a day for ten days. Hefty doses, yes, but I'm already feeling better. One side of my throat has calmed itself already, and with the aid of prescription strength painkillers, I've been able to eat and drink something substantial today.

I had to reschedule tomorrow's rehearsal, since I'm still home and won't be leaving here until, at best, tomorrow night. Crossing my fingers that I will be in good enough shape to head to New Haven tomorrow. I've worked way too hard for way too long for something as stupid as a misdiagnosis to screw it all up.

Lesson of the week: treat illnesses early, and get the right treatment for it. And don't trust those Doctor Doctor M.D.'s blindly, make sure it's working. Follow it up if it doesn't feel right. You can't prevent yourself from getting sick all the time, but you can go about getting better in the right way.

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