Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweet Dreams are Made of This 2.0

I had two dreams that I vaguely remember - one involved Doctor Who (don't ask me which Doctor he was, I don't know the numbers well) saving me from some mundane existence involving small rooms, dull people, unfolded laundry and luggage, and then dragging me about on an adventure of some sort where I was leaping from industrial platforms. He was very attractive.

The other involved getting a callback to Rent - I received the call through a phone and an old truck's radio, people at my house were skeptical and mean, I went to the callback and it was like, a cafeteria filled with as many people as were at the initial auditions, and we were supposed to bring sheet music or scripts and I didn't have either.

I hate weird dreams. I spend all my energy trying to analyze them and get nowhere.

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